Mentoring Through Research and Practice

Interested in gaining research and practical experience in the field of communication? Considering graduate school and want to gain valuable experience relevant to graduate studies? If so, you may be interested in the Department of Communication’s Mentoring through Research and Practice program.

In Fall 2012, the Department of Communication launched a mentoring program that pairs undergraduate students with graduate students based on their research interests. The program aims to provide undergraduate students with hands-on, practical experience and the opportunity to develop a close, working relationship with a graduate student mentor.

Ideally, the program helps undergraduate students develop a better understanding of the discipline and their research interests. Undergraduate students can obtain course credit for their participation in the mentoring program.* If you are interested in the mentoring program, you may email the Research Liaison, Kimberly Pusateri at

*Course credit options depend on several factors including number of communication credit hours completed and student GPA. Please note that availability of grad student mentors depends on graduate student availability and research interests. These factors are evaluated on a semester-by-semester basis, but do mean that we may not be able to match all interested undergraduate students in a given semester.

Spring 2013 Mentoring Through Research and Practice: Graduate/Undergraduate Student Collaborations
(* = dissertation research)

"Technological Contexts and the Remediation of Fantasy Narratives in Role Playing Games." Graduate mentor: George Boone.* With undergraduate mentees Michael Drackley and Timothy Mallory. Supervising faculty: Ned O'Gorman.

"Interpersonal Collaborative Communication in Multidisciplinary Emergency Response Teams." Graduate mentor: Elizabeth Carlson. With undergraduate mentees Ashley Stewart and Judson Van Antwerp. Supervising faculty: John Lammers.

"Romantic Relationships and Depression: How do Couples Communicate about Changes to Sexual Intimacy." Graduate mentor: Amy Delaney.* With undergraduate mentee Kylie Mussay. Supervising faculty: Leanne Knobloch.

"Influences of Cognitive Complexity on Network Perceptions of Social Groups." Graduate mentor: Melissa Dobosh.* With undergraduate mentee Angelina Shea. Supervising faculty: Scott Poole.

"Poverty in Reagan's America: Visualizing the Poor through the Great Depression." Graduate mentor: Marissa Lowe. With undergraduate mentee Darcy McLaughlin. Supervising faculty: John Murphy.

"The Rhetorics of Athletics: Its Significance for Self-Fulfillment." Graduate mentor: Jermaine Martinez. With undergraduate mentee Shagun Praghan. Supervising faculty: Ned O'Gorman.

"The State of Diabetes Portrayal in Televised News" and "The Influence of Graphic Cigarette Labels on Perceptions Toward Smoking Behaviors." Graduate mentor: Julius Riles. With undergraduate mentee Sage Markgraf. Supervising faculty: Dave Tewksbury.

"Grief Experiences of Accidental Killers." Graduate mentor: Erin Basinger. With undergraduate mentees Sarah Olles and Maureen Daly. Supervising faculty: Leanne Knobloch.

"Goals for Relationship Talk." Graduate mentor: Kelly McAninch.* With undergraduate mentees Nicole Bergen and Ximena Reyna. Supervising faculty: Leanne Knobloch.