Thomas M Conley

Professor Emeritus of Communication

  • Address: Department of Communication, 3001 Lincoln Hall, 702 S. Wright St. Urbana, IL 61801
  • Telephone: 217-333-1864

Specializations / Research Interest(s)

  • The history of rhetorical theory, with particular attention to Classical Greek rhetorics, the medieval Greek (Byzantine) tradition, and the Renaissance reception of Classical theory, with a special emphasis on developments in Central and Eastern Europe; Kenneth Burke; the place of style in rhetorical invention and criticism.


  • Ph.D., University of Chicago


Journal Articles

  • Conley, T.. "Cicero hunnicus: Miklós Oláh's Eloquent Attila." Rhetorica 24 (2006): 275-301.
  • Conley, T.. "Rummaging in Walz's attic: Two Anonymous Opuscula in Rhetores graeci." Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies 46 (2006): 101-122.