News Features

Mediating Healthcare Communication


Dr. Guntzviller examines language brokering between bilingual children, Spanish-speaking parents, and healthcare providers. Learn more.

Health Insurance Enrollment


Dr. Huhman and Dr. Quick's research looks at enrollment in health insurance through the Affordable Care Act. Learn more.

Girls Who Code


Reshma Saujani wants to close the gender gap in computing and technology-related fields by teaching young women how to code. Learn more.

Health and Family Communication


Dr. Weiner knows experiencing health issues are difficult for everyone; talking about it with family members makes it a little easier. Learn more.

Bilingualism and Identity


Dr. Koven's research explores speech as one of many ways in which identity is expressed. A bilingual person's form of communication and personality is influenced by the language they choose to speak in. Learn more.

The Public Relations Industry


Dr. Stole sees public relations as the creation of several dynamic elements. Learn more.

The Art of Political Rhetoric


Dr. Murphy knows that a great political speech comments on a historical moment and along the way becomes historical as well. Learn more.

Media Coverage of War


The disjuncture between war and media coverage sparked Dr. Althaus's interest in his current research.Learn more.

The Communication of Folklore


Dr. Davis' research explores how folklore, a mode of unofficial, vernacular communication, operates in everyday life. Learn more.

VERB Campaign Encourages What You Do!


Our bodies are made to walk, jog, run, and jump. They are designed to move. Dr. Marian Huhman's work on the VERB campaign has helped get kids moving! Learn more.

Organizational Communication Improving Collective Groups


Through the study of organizational communication, Dr. Scott Poole strives to improve the manner in which individuals work in collective groups. Learn more.

Argument, Communication, and Society


Dr. Sally Jackson has seen technology generate a revolutionary transformation in the way people communicate. Learn more.

Help save a life. Become an organ donor!


Are you an organ donor? If not, has the thought of becoming one crossed your mind at one point or another? Dr. Brian Quick is working to increase organ donation in Illinois. Learn more.

Horror films can be both educational and entertaining


Dr. Pat Gill teaches a course that examines the complexities of various genres of film. Learn more.