Scott Althaus: Focus 580 Interview 12/12/2008 White House Alteration of Federal Records on the Iraq War

Scott Althaus and Young Mie Kim (assistant professor at the Ohio State University)

Won the 2006 Political Communication Article of the Year Award from ICA. The award honors their co-authored piece entitled "Priming Effects in Complex Information Environments: Reassessing the Impact of News Discourse on Presidential Approval," which was published in The Journal of Politics (2006, volume 68).

In Memoriam: Dale Brashers

Dale Brashers

Received the 2008 Campus Award for Excellence in Graduate and Professional teaching. The award recognizes excellent performance in the classroom; excellence in supervision of graduate student research or professional practice; innovative approaches to teaching; and other contributions to improved graduate instruction, including influence on the curriculum.

John Caughlin received the Bernard J. Brommel Award for Outstanding Scholarship or Distinguished Service in Family Communication from the National Communication Association. John also received the Article of the Year award from the Family Communication Division.

John Caughlin, Dale Brashers, Mary Ramey, Kami Kosenko, Erin Donovan-Kicken, and Jennifer Bute are co-authors of a paper that won TWO awards at ICA: the Top Paper Award and the Top Applied Paper Award from the Interpersonal Communication Division.

Travis Dixon
Focus of TV news on black lawbreakers creates stereotypes for viewers

Travis Dixon and Kristin Drogos have just learned that they received a Top Paper Award from the Intergroup Communication Interest Group of ICA for their co-authored manuscript derived from the RAND project.

The Quarterly Journal of Speech appointed Cara Finnegan its new book review editor. Her term began the summer of 2010.

Cara Finnegan named Faculty Fellow for Teaching and Learning. The College of LAS Teaching Academy named Cara Finnegan one of five LAS Faculty Fellows.

Lincoln's Rhetorical Worlds
During 2008-2009, the Department of Communication hosted a speaker series called "Lincoln's Rhetorical Worlds." Funded by the Lincoln Bicentennial Committee and co-sponsored by the Offices of the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor for Public Engagement, the speaker series explored Lincoln's communication and its importance to American public life.

We were honored to have five distinguished guests visit us to share their insights about Lincoln's rhetoric.

Lincoln's Rhetorical Worlds speaker series: Faculty members Cara Finnegan, Debra Hawhee, Ned O'Gorman, and John Murphy received a grant from the University of Illinois Bicentennial Committee to organize a speaker series on Lincoln's rhetoric.

Professor Kris Harrison was selected as a Conrad Humanities Scholar for LAS. This honor is in recognition of the high quality of her research and her contributions to interdisciplinary research on campus. She will carry the title for five years.

Kris Harrison and Brad Bond

Video gaming magazines' depictions of male strength influences boys

Debbie Hawhee

Received the 2007 New Investigator Award from the Rhetoric and Communication Theory Division of NCA

Marian Huhman reports that children can be sold on fun of physical activity. Social marketing can sell kids on getting outside and getting active. Her findings are based on recently published results on a five-year national campaign aimed at tweens aged 9 to 13 years old.

Children can be sold on fun of physical activity

Professor Knobloch Received a Grant to Study Military Families

Professor Leanne Knobloch, Patricia McGlaughlin from the U of I Extension, and Professor Aaron Ebata from the Department of Human and Community Development have received a grant from the U of I Family Resiliency Center. The 2-party study will look at the families of returning military veterans.

Leanne Knobloch, Brad Bond, Laura Miller, Sarah Mannone

Relational uncertainty sparks negativity in marital conversations
Bob McChesney
Named one of "50 Visionaries Who are Changing the World" by the Utne Reader
Communication system at critical juncture, time for action is now
Communication revolution: Critical junctures and the future of media

John Nichols and Communication Professor Robert McChesney graced the cover of the January 25, 2010 edition of the The Nation. An excerpt from their new book The Death and Life of American Journalism (Nation Books, 2010) ran under the heading of How to Save Journalism.

John Murphy and Scott Althaus shared space (and had dueling photos) in an article on the first 1960 Nixon- Kennedy presidential campaign debate. The article was in the News-Gazette September 19, 2010. You can see it here:

John Murphy Keys to Obama speeches: Clarity, structure, and making sense of the world.

Minute article: "presidential rhetoric expert John Murphy".

John Murphy Radio Interview: Rhetoric and Presidential Politics with John Murphy, Martin Medhurst, Mary Stuckey and Co-Host: Fredrick Hicks

John Murphy and Jennifer Mercieca (Illinois PhD, 2003) are quoted in a story on Obama's Denver speech that appears in Rocky Mountain News. Published Aug 2008

M. Scott Poole has been invited to give the Carroll C. Arnold Distinguished Lecture at the 2012 NCA Convention. According to the NCA web page, "The Arnold Lecture is given in a plenary session each year at the annual convention of the Association and features the most accomplished researchers in the field." It is probably the single most prominent scholarly event at the conference each year.

Professor Ned O'Gorman has been named a Research Fellow by the Center for Advanced Study for the 2012-13 academic year. This appointment will support his work on a project entitled, "The Bomb Studio: Science, America, and Hollywood Films in the Air Force's Lookout Mountain Laboratory."

Ned O'Gorman and Kevin Hamilton (from Art & Design) have received a $50,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. This is a Digital Humanities Start-Up Grant for a project entitled, "Re-Framing the Online Video Archive: A Prototype Interface for Americas Nuclear Test Films."

Professor Brian Quick was awarded a $498,088 grant from the Department of Health and Human Services Division of Transplantation. The title of the project is "Say Yes When Asked, Illinois: A Replication of Michigan's Campaign to Increase Organ Donation Registration Rates in Drivers Facilities."

Brian Quick

TV news on organ donation says little about need, how to become a donor

Brian Quick is leading a multi-institution team that is collaborating with the Illinois Secretary of States office on the $580,000 grant from the Department of Health and Human Services.

Professor Christian Sandvig has been named a recipient of the 2011-2012 Campus Award for Excellence in Public Engagement. There are only three of these awards given among all faculty and academic professionals on campus.

Michelle Shumate
Michelle Shumate has received a grant to continue her work on a system designed to enable Costa Rican sustainable development organizations to generate large scale solutions to environmental and development problems. The award of approximately $31,000 is from CONICIT, the Costa Rican version of the NSF.
Inger Stole

Won this year's Bode Award for the best article published in 2007 in The Journal of American Culture. Her co-authored article is entitled "Consumer Activism, Commercialism, and Curriculum Choices: Advertising in Schools in the 1930s."

Tracy Sulkin
News flash: Candidates' ads actually match deeds in Congress
Barbara Wilson
Quality, Quantity Lacking in Children's Educational TV

Bradley Bond won a College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching by Graduate Teaching Assistants. These highly competitive awards recognize sustained excellence in undergraduate teaching. (4/2011)

Hays Watson-Congratulations to Hays Watson for receiving a top student paper award for his submission to the Rhetoric and Public Address division of the 2010 Southern States Communication Association convention in Memphis (April 7-11, 2010)

Top Student Papers NCA 2009

Top Student Paper in Family Communication:
Relational Uncertainty and Topic Avoidance within the In-Law Triad
Sylvia Mikucki Enyart

Top Student Paper in Interpersonal Communication:
The Experience of Major Depressive Disorder and Relational Uncertainty within Intimate Relationships
Kristen Satterlee

Top Paper in Health Communication:
Using Information to Manage Uncertainty during Transplantation
Anne Stone, Allison Scott, Summer Carnett, Dale Brashers

Laura Miller received the 2009 NCFR's Ruth Hathaway Jewson Award. This award is given to fund the best family studies dissertation proposal submitted by a doctoral candidate. Laura's dissertation research and proposal addresses an important topic in family health: Couples Coping with Cancer: Saving the Self, the Partner and the Relationship.

Two of our graduate students received $5,000 grants form the Center on Healthy Minds, which is part of the Beckman Institute.

Summer Carnett received this award to support her project entitled, "Psychosocial Issues of Living with Parkinson's Disease." Anne Stone received this award to support her project entitled, "Communication and Decisions About Genetic Testing: The Role of Uncertainty Management and Social Support on the Likelihood of Genetic Susceptibility Testing for Alzheimer's Disease."

Nicole Martins was awarded the 2007-08 Fred Rogers Memorial Scholarship. The $10,000 award supported her dissertation research concerning television's influence on social aggression in children. The scholarship is one of only 2 such awards given nationally each year by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation.